2005 Supercharged Mustang GT-w/full body kit - $23,000

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Jul 27, 2011
2005 Supercharged Mustang GT-w/full body kit - $21,000

Selling my baby.

You can email me at [email protected] or call me at (909)816-2640

I am located in Corona, Ca 92882

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Here is all the info:

I am selling this beauty because of some new additions to the family. I have been working on upgrading this car for the last 3 years. This car has been to over 50 shows in California during the last few years as well as CES 2009. The car has competed in IASCA and MECA events in the Master/Expert Classes for sound quality and has qualified for world finals two years in a row. This car does not look like it is a 2005. The interior and exterior are in very nice shape. The transmission, tires, camshafts, serpentine belt, windshield. and battery are all freshly installed.

The tuning, transmission install and set-up, and most of the motor work was done by ST Motorsports in San Bernadino. Paint and Body was done by Fields Autobody in Corona. The stereo work was done by myself and Beach Autosound in Huntington Beach.

The car is a daily driver that also goes to shows. It runs fine on the street, but can get up and go if needed. I am religious about my servicing, car washes, and oil changes. The car is serviced regularly, I wash the car myself, and only use Castrol Syntec.

This car is sold AS IS. I can tell you this car is running perfectly and you are welcome to have it inspected. I filmed a video the day I put the car up for auction. you can view it at: YouTube Video

Upgrades cost approx:

Engine: $ 7200

Supercharger: $ 5300

Transmission: $ 6800

Suspention/Brakes/Tires:$ 3800

Body: $ 6200

Stereo: $ 4600

Total : $ 34,000 in upgrades


I bought the car with 24,000 mi. on it and rebuilt the motor shortly afterwards with forged parts and a new block. I run the car with a very conservative tune in it. As it comes to you it will have about 440 HP at the rear wheels. If you want to get aggressive with it, you could get over 500. Rev. limiter is still at factory spot.

Engine - Rebuilt @ 25,000 mi. Shortblock was built by Propower in Fl.

Pistons - Manley part # 594300C-8

Connecting rods - Manley part # 14042R-8

Rod Bolts – ARP 2000

Piston Rings -Modmax plasma poly rings

Camshafts - Ford Racing M-6550-3V GT S197 @74.000 mi.

Cylinder heads – Rebuilt @ 25,000 mi

Cam Phasers - Replaced @ 74,000mi.

Serpentine Belt - replaced @ 74,000mi.


The supercharger and aftercooler are both the polished finish. The supercharger was last rebuilt by Vortech in 2009 . I replaced the regular pulley with a slightly smaler one to get the 13 lb.'s of boost when I added the aftercooler and ram air. The intake temp sensor has been relocated from the filter to the throttle body to increase relaibility and improve performance. I have all the parts to install breathers on the valve covers and these will come with the car. The ram air intake is where the original driver-side fog light was. This is ducted up to the air box around the intake. There is also a ram air intake and cooling vents on the hood.

Supercharger – Vortech V-2 SQ

Aftercooler – Vortech Powercooler

Boost-a-pump – Kenne Bell high capacity fuel pump booster

Fuel injectors – 49 lb. Ford injectors

Spark Plugs – Autolite HT0 plugs

Ram-air intake- Custom built fiberglass cold/ram air intake

Pulley – 3.33” pulley good for 13lb. boost @ 5500 RPM

Diablosport MAFia adapter


The transmission was custom built by a Ford master transmission technician. This transmission is designed to hold up to 800 HP. The transmission is set up for an easy shift into 2nd so you dont light up the tires unless its in race mode. There are two red buttons to the right of the shifter. The top button turns the overdrive on and off. The bottom button will give you maximum line pressure to your transmission even if you let off on the gas pedal, which can be helpful for controlling wheelspin on a quick take-off. The Baumann transmission control computer is mounted behind the glove box. If you hook up to it with a laptop you can fully configure the transmission shift patterns and access a gauge panel. The B&M shifter looks like a manual but it is an automatic bump shifter, I installed the shifter boot for a manual so it looks factory.

Replaced 5R55W with a built-up 4R70W

· Baumann transmission control computer

· Shift Kit

· Machined pistons to accept extra clutches

· Hardened input shaft

· High energy bands

Shifter – B&M Pro Ratchet

Torque Converter – Precision Industries 2800 RPM stall

Transmission coolers – B&M w/ electric fan ( in grill )

- Ford Racing heavy duty trans cooler (In front of radiator)

Drive shaft – Custom built one-piece steel drive shaft

Billet transmission overflow catch-can


The body is almost perfect. I will now list what is not PERFECT: I just had the bumpers and scoops installed and painted so there are no rock chips in the bumpers. There are 2 tiny dings in the car that I would have to point out for you to notice, one on the driver door and one on the deck lid. There are about 6 small rock chips on the hood. There are 2 minor scratches on one of the side spoilers.There is one small chip on the right side of the rear diffuser.

The lambo doors can go up if u want but can also be used as regular doors swinging out. They shut great and have a lifetime warranty. The hood pins are integral to the hood and look really nice.

Front Bumper – Trufiber T-1 front bumper

Front fenders –Trufiber T-1 vented fenders

Hood – Trufiber GST-3 With recessed hoodpins

Side skirts – Trufiber T-1 side exhaust skirts

Rear bumper – Trufiber T-1 rear diffuser

Rear spoiler – Trufiber “one-off” built especially for SEMA 2009

Side scoops

Rear window scoops

Fog lights – Ford GT500 fog lights

Hood shocks – Trufiber

Hood pins – Trufiber twist lock hoodpin kit


Shocks/struts – Ford Racing M-18000-A

Springs – Ford Racing M-5300-K

Strut tower brace - Ford racing M-20201-S197


Rotors – Baer EradiSpeed-Plus-2 front (14") and rear (13") rotors

Pads - Hawk


255/35/20 Delinte tires on MSR 20" Wheels


The stereo work is all done with textured fiberglass on the dash and doors. The fiberglass sub enclosure in the trunk uses the right rear quarter panel as an enclosure so that you can access the spare. Every inch of this car is covered with Dynamat Extreme including the trunk.

Head Unit – Alpine CDA-117

Amplifiers (2) – Alpine MRX-F30

Speakers – JL, Tang Band, Dynaudio

Amp Meter – Dakota Digital

Custom enclosures – Fiberglass tweeter, midrange, door-midbass, and subwoofer enclosures

Dynamat Extreme

Battery - Bosch
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