2008 Ford Taurus Limited

Ok, just picked this beast up and I have been working through some issues.

What I am experiencing now may be a simple MAF needing to be cleaned.

Symptom: (Yes I have googled this) I am driving and the engine will simply cut off. Still have power but no engine.

I have had it in a transmission shop for about a month now and just got it back today. The issue was there before the transmission work. I just replaced the battery today (because it needed a new battery) drove it for about 30 mins and its doing the same thing.

When does this happen?

When slowing down, coming to a stop, turning, merging, pretty much happens only when your not in the accelerator that is why I am leaning toward the MAF..

SOOOOOOOOOO, think I am on the right track?
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Jun 28, 2013
That’s an obd2 equipped car. Have you scanned it to see what codes are stored?. That’s what I recommend first. Scan it, write down codes then clear them. Drive some more and see if codes come back. Compare to what you wrote down previously and go from there