2009 GT Build


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Feb 10, 2019
Austin, TX
Hey Guys,

Been lurking since I was a teenager, watched too much fast and the furious this weekend and finally ready to start throwing money at my 10 year old car haha

I have an '09 GT, end goal is a safe supercharge hoping to be in the 450+ club.
So far I've put:
-Spectre CAI w/ K&N filter
-SCT Flash 89 Octane Tune

Next: I think I need wheels, tires, and suspension.
I wanna drop the rake so I was thinking 1.5" drop in front and 2" drop in back.

Looking for suggestions,
Is it worth messing with a 10 year old stock car with 130k miles on it?
if so...
-I remember an old suspension set up spelled out by Sqidd
Is that a winner?

-And what size wheels should I be looking at? (Just having fun on the street, but she is a garage queen at this point)

Thanks All.
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Nov 29, 1999
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How long do you plan to keep the car? I wouldn't spend a bunch on it if you aren't keeping it long term.

Really you don't need to throw that much money at the suspension all at once. I would do 1.5" all around with BMR's springs, they are a great riding spring and the resulting rake is pretty minimal (I have those springs on my car and I like them a lot). New strut mounts are a must, get whatever good struts/shocks you like (Koni STR.T are good and not too expensive, LCA's for the rear, and an adjustable panhard bar. That will be a good base without draining your wallet, if you want to go further from there you can.

As for wheels, that probably depends on what tires you want. Anything from a 17 to a 20 will fit so you might decide what wheels you want, and see how much tires cost. I don't know off the top of my head if 10" wide wheels fit on the front but a 9" wide wheel will fit some pretty good tires.
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