2010 Mustang GT fender emblems


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Jan 3, 2010
Raleigh NC
Are there pins on the GT emblems on the fender,I want to remove them,but have read conflicting post,has anyone removed there emblems from the 2010 yet.I think it would look better with no emblems.Thanks :D
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i would call up a ford dealership that has a body shop, i'm 99% sure it would, it seems like its the same emblems as the previous years, so they probably kept the mounting pins on there.

food for thought though, your cars black, your not going to see the little holes too well. and your cars so new you should be able to remove the emblem, and get the double sided tape off with your thumb. not needing to use any kind of chemical or anything to remove the residue.
On the subject - I peeled off my GT emblems on my 07 - and replaced them with 1968 repro horse and banner badges like the V6 but not plastic / chrome and slightly smaller - if you measure the holes carefully and place the new badge correctly - you can cover the pin holes with most any other badge....I used tape off of the top of the fender - and the nose of the pony for placement -
google custom billet badges--I had some made and the quality is better than OEM. Had them flat black powdercoated with gloss black letters--I have a black car.
The reason for the holes are so that the emblems will look straight, and the spacing is the same on both sides...too many manufacturers have their workers apply them with a small jig (which should align them), but then they're either crooked, or too far to the left or right (either too much Saki or too much Bourbon the night before)...I'm glad that Ford did put the holes for proper alignment and I love the emblems (sort of a badge of honor...let's others know what your packing under the hood)...