For Sale 2011 Ford Mustang GT


Dec 26, 2010
Chicago, IL
Up for sale is a 2011 Mustang GT automatic with 117K miles from TN. This car is all stock unmolested except for Flowmasters and bonus is coming from down south it has absolutely no corrosion nor rust anywhere. The bottom of car is spotless.

History of car is that it had front bumper damage. The damage was mainly to the bumper cover and grille with some to the hood and fender. The damage was confined to small area. Most parts were replaced with OEM the remainder were Keystone Platinum. It had a fiberglass hood with louvers (also incl) that was replaced with OEM aluminum hood with scoop. The brake pads/rotors were replaced and fresh Motorcraft spec coolant added to the coolant system. Car starts, runs and drives with no issues. No leaks, noises or dash lights on.
Pic slideshow:

Car has a TN salvage title.
Located in Chicago, IL
Price is 9900

Contact me at 773 879-zero681 or rowekmr(at)

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