Electrical 2011 GT vert. rear window problem/can bus gremlins


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Jun 30, 2019
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Hi, Im new here but have been a lurker for a while. I can normally solve any issues by searching forums,etc. but this time I have had no success. I actually have an appointment with the dealer this week and this is something I have NEVER had to do so if someone could help me out here it would be greatly appreciated.
The issue is my new to me 2011 GT convertible. Last weekend we went out for a short trip to the store and when trying to drop the top the drivers side quarter window didnt go down. Since then I have replaced the motor with a 30 dollar amazon motor and it was a no go. 2nd attempt I ordered a motor and regulator from napa thinking maybe the cheapie from amazon was bad or something. 3rd attempt at a fix was buying an adapter for forscan to reset the bcm because the parts guy at my local dealer said it would have to be done for the new motor to work. It did work not using forscan anyways? With forscan I was able to see the bcm was code free which would not have been the case if it were in need of a reset. Of course I reset it anyways to no avail.
Now on to the really weird quirks of my issue. The top nor the quarter windows will work with the motor I bought from amazon. The napa window motor allowed the top to operate and the rear windows would go down with the convertible top button only. The factory control module in the window motor allowed the passenger side quarter window to operate some but nothing else. In forscan I can see the top being requested to move but the relays not being activated? I know this sounds like a bad body control module and maybe it is? but has anyone experienced issues like this and solved it? The only other issues I have in the car are the drivers door ajar sensor stopped working intermittently. It is mostly not working now but will occasionally work. I have to open the passenger door to shut off the radio. I have noticed the bcm reads about a volt under what the battery voltage is in forscan but when I traced down the bcm power wire and tested it with a volt meter it read as battery voltage.
another issue that may be causing these gremlins is I b when i bought the car I was told it had some water in it not long before but everything was working at the time and has worked perfect for over a month. I did get this thing at a very healthy discount because of this and it was a freshwater/rain incident and from what I could tell the only electronics that were damaged were the seat fwd and back motors. nothing else. Any help is appreciated,thanks.

Forgot to mention upon testing with a volt meter there is power at the both rear power window motors in both the up and down directions on the corresponding wire per the wiring diagrams but the weird thing is wires have voltage on them no matter what? about 8 volts at rest and battery voltage when being operated?

2011 and 2005 mustang complete wiring diagrams- http://iihs.net/fsm/?d=0
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