Engine 2012 3.7 V6 Water Pump - What's The Trick?


New Member
Nov 13, 2011
My water pump bit the dust at 144k miles, and I replaced it with a new Murray unit. The pump is easy to change and uses a metal gasket with a glued-on rubber seal on both sides. There is also a new O-ring in the pump that slides over a fitting on the block. The problem is, it leaks. I thought the metal/rubber gasket was bad, so I took the pump back for another one. The second one still leaks. There was no gasket residue to clean, but I made sure all surfaces were clean, dry, and undamaged. I was careful to tighten the bolts in a correct an even sequence. It still leaks from somewhere around the body of the pump, and not the shaft. This pump fits twenty different Ford models. Has someone out there successfully changed this pump? What did you do to keep it from leaking?
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