2017 GT350 touch screen control panel work in 2018 without issues?

Hello all,

2017 GT350 touch screen control panel work in 2018 without issues?

So here's my situation. Car came with the Recaro seats and I'd rather have the leather-trimmed bucket style.

HOWEVER, the seats I'd be swapping in are heated/cooled from the factory, whereas the Recaro style is not. Do these just plug in to a harness?

In theory, I have a line on a touch screen panel that has the buttons for the heated/cooled seat feature out of a 2017 but my car is 2018.

Hypothetically speaking is the control panel something that can be swapped out and plug and play? Would these seats plug into a factory port and then have the heated/cooled capability? I'd imagine that's built in the seat itself and as long as the electrical components are there and the buttons they would operate correctly.

Any help & feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

William Kramer


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They would have to be coded in to work. I little programming. Forscan is the normal go to for that. There are a few different forums and threads about it. You could even turn off the automatic dome light and all types of stuff.


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Your best would be to go to the parts counter at the dealership and cross-reference the seat and harness part numbers across both vehicles.

Having your VIN# on hand should allow them to tell you whether the required harness was installed on your car and if not, how to go about ordering one.

An alternative would be to return to the vehicle you got the seats from (if available) and see if and where it possesses a harness that you don't.