275/50r17 tire question...


Oct 23, 2005
Kerrville TX
Alright here is what I got. I just switched my suspension on my stang to Eibach drag springs and air bag, lakewood struts and shocks. It was lowered before on c-springs and I have been running cobra r's with 275/40r17. Now with the new springs it sits stock or just higher than stock so I have some space to run a 50 series drag radial tire made by M&H racemaster. That makes the tire 28" tall. I plan on running a 4.10 rear gear I am running 3.55 right now behind my viperspec 6speed. So I know I should get lighter rims for the the track, but I want to run something other than skinnies on the street. So for my driving wheels I have two choices of rim and three choices of drag radial. I have the cobra rs that I can run either a 275/40r17 or 275/50r17 on. Or I have a set of 94/95 waffle pony rims that I can run a nitto 245/50r16. The 16 is a smaller tire width wise but has a little more side wall and is only 25.9" tall. Not to mention the rim will be a little lighter. Even though these will be my street tires I still want them took hook up and be quick.
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