3-2 Distribution block from M-2300 kit, where can I get one?


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Aug 31, 2003
Oly, WA
i bought the m2300 kit. when i was putting the hard lines into the distribution block, one of the pig tail lines didnt look right. the threading of the block itself was crooked. now that the car is buttoned up, we couldnt get it to seal.

so i need another one or equivalent ASAP. i am trying to avoid ordering from one of these mom and pop people that will take forever to send it. i want it yesterday..

so does summit, jegs, someone who will next day carry an equivalent block? i cant pick up the part number on google even. i tried maximum motorsports, it seems like most of these places just sell the lines with adapters. no new distribution block..

i just need to order something that will either work with my stock distribution block, or a new block that is equivalent to the m2300 block.

the number off it should be; E0ZZ-2B57-A
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