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Jun 21, 2004
Pittsburgh, PA
Anyone have 3.90s? I've been hearing about 3.73s vs 4.10s, but not much about the 3.90s they have now. I hear its a good medium between the two -balancing interstate driving and performance, but I was just wondering how much of a difference there would be between the 3.90s and the others. If anyone is using these, let me know what you think and how many rpms you are runnin on the interstate. Thanks
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The RPM difference between 3.73, 3.90, and 4.10 gear ratios are slim and the mpg's will probably be close to the same. I know there are quite a few users on here who use 3.90 gears but I don't know any of them personally. Might want to try a search and see how they like them. Personally, I'de just go with 4.10's if staying n/a and go with 3.73's if I had boost in my future. Just my .02 cents.


On a 96 (which are turds), you do NOT want to go ANY lower than what you have and i would suggest 4.10s. You also would want some PI stuff which you seem to be interested in which is good. With PI, Gears, and some DR's, you should be in the high 13's