3-inch exhaust


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Oct 11, 2007
Port Orchard, WA
Im starting to wrap things up with my project and I've been debating on which exhaust for ages,.. My combo is a Hp performance turbocharged dart 347, some say i should set 3 inch exhaust but i cant find any 3 inch catbacks.

The turbo kit only calls for a standard catback exhaust and i really like the SLP loudmouth 2's and the maganflow kits...

what I am getting at is... should i try to go 3 inch, and how? or if i would be set with a normal catback?:shrug:

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I dont think anyone makes a true 3" catback because of the tailpipe clearance. I bought some 3" flowtubes and spintechs and built mine myself. I am going to have an exhaust shop try to bend me up some tailpipes that fit because right now the mufflers are dumped...and very loud.