31 spline axles


Jan 4, 2006
hey guys, im getting ready to buy axles soon for my car. i already have a detroit tru trac for it and im deciding what brand to go with. i know mosers are good but i was also looking at alloy usa and frpp axles. anyone running the alloy usa axles? ive hurd there made by people that use to work at superior and they use the same process as them. any suggestions on this?
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I have Mosers, first set was screwed up so i sent them back and the 2nd set was better but not perfect...my shop that installed them did some modification so i wouldn't have to send them back again. He suggested i use Strange next time.
31 spline Moser's. In for 2 years now. No problems.



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Mosers are great. Guy I know does alot of testing for them on his race cars. I opted for the Alloy USA axles because they come with seals and wheels studs - I haven't installed them, but the worksmanship and materials look to be top notch.
I'm running Alloy USA 28 spline axles. IMO they are great and I've had zero problems with them even on Nitto DR's. They come with all new bearings and studs. You cant beat their prices or their full 10 year warranty and that's why I bought them.