32 Valves?

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I agree, Way to big for a 302 street car. If you wanted higher flow rates you could just bump up to tfs R's or AFR 205's or something... But they are way to much for most 302's.

All that extra air and fuel (needed) would need accompanied by extra displacement.
if you look at the BII they would work well with a blown 302 or 331...and be streetable with alot of tq...having 2 intake valves means you can have alot of flow and still have volicity...and same for exhaust....if i only had the money for a Dart block, scat 331 stoker, those heads and a big turbo....
They used to be called Dominion. I don't agree that they're too big for a 5.0. Arao states these heads are "like" putting on a turbo or supercharger. Only problem is that they're way too expensive. You'd get the same performance with a blower and have a lot of cash left over.
like stated in the article though, these wouldn't be as hard on your motor as forced induction.

And if thesed did perform like a blower imagine the possibilities of adding a blowering too... I would think you would be looking at an easy 600+ hp on a 302. Now being able to keep it streetable would be another problem.
yellow5.0cobra said:
I tried getting information for those heads for the past 2years...

VERY old news, with no updates from the company.

They did a redesigning to achieve a better strength.I ordered these heads and this is what Russ Arao told me:

The taller more durable stands are just getting
finished. They will ship soon. It is better that you get the latest most
improved version rather than have any wear issues etc.
95GTvert[bv12] said:
when do you plan on installing them and can we see a dyno of them

I still waiting for the heads,he said he will ship soon but I don´t know exactly when it will be.
But contrarily I can do nothing the next 4 month because I got a serious knee injury. But someday I will make the dyno and post the results
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