331 notch


New Member
Jun 12, 2004
palm harbor florida
ok i just drove in my friends 87 notchback its a 331 and he wont tell me the horsepower or anything but he claims he runs 12.8 and i got a quick glance under his hood and and i saw a msd ignition thingy a gt40 intake, longtubes and im guessing going to a catless mid pipe (no emissions here) and it sounds like a magnaflow exhaust? just a cone K&N filter but we were leaving my neighborhood and he said" look im starting off in 2nd" and we did a burn out from hell smoke everywhere sideways for like 100 feet back and forth im guessing its not that hard to do in that car cuz notches are realy light in the back but hes running kumho 275's in the back and a few suspension mods like eibach lowering springs and he says he has something in the back to hold it down and i got his rear end out of him 3.55 hes really secretive about everything i guess its cuz he races but he claims hes only making 260 horsepower i know hes full of **** whats a more realistic time and horsepower ? idk if he has aluminum heads . and hes a awesome driver one of the best ive been with so with 260 horse i think his 12.8 time is realistic but i know theres no way in hell a 331 stroker makes only 260 horse
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