331 stroker and block anderson cam


Nov 3, 2004
hey whats up guys, im building a 331 for my stang
and just recently decided to buy a dss pro bullit short block
so i wont be needing the block and stroker kit i have
its a eagle stroker kit forged rods forged srp flattop pistons w/ valve relifs
eagle steel crank complete kit, rings bearings ect
block just bored .30 over for 1000 any one interesed ?

either way im building my engine with a holley system max II intake
76maf 70tb and 30lb injectors
twisted wedge heads
anderson n61 cam
im getting the lower compression pistons so ill be round 9.25
and thinking of adding a super charger down the line
any one have any experience with this combo /advice N/A or with boost ?
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