347 vs 351 which best for daily?

For a daily driver:

  • 347

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • 351

    Votes: 16 80.0%

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Feb 19, 2003
O-Town, KS
Right now I am trying to decided which to build for my to be daily driver. I am pretty new to Fords, but have heard that 347s are oil burners. I did some looking, but didn't really see anyone answer what I wanted to know so I will ask:

If you had to do it, would you build a 347 or 351 for a daily driver? I am not concerned about which is cheap or I need a new hood or any of that. I am just concerned about daily use. Which one will last the longest?

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chp has a 347e, which is emissions legal and supposedly good for 100,000 miles.

there are pro and cons to both motors. both can be whatever you want it to be. both would be cool though. I decided that since I already had the 302 block I would do the 331, which I chose over the 347. now, although I love my 331, i am already thinking of a stroked 351 to 408 as my next motor in a year or 2.

honestly, i am not really sure that my post helped you because everyone will have a different opinion. most of us that have a 331 or 347 love them and most of us plan for the next engine being a stroked 351 later on.

good luck though.
The 351 will last you longer. It is OEM performance. Not that a 347 will not last a long time, but the point is that the 351 is 100% within the original design parameters. Obviously you take into consideration that with the 351 you run the risk of having a worn out engine whereas the 347 is all new stuff. But if you have a well running low mileage 351, it should last you alittle longer than the 347 not to mention that it is a better building point in the future.
347 Stroker is definetly a good way to go, and was actually what I was going to build in the first place.... but when I really thought about it, I figured, "Why Build a 347 when I can Build a 408?" (I had a 69' Block laying around) so the obvious and more reasonable choice was to go with the 408. Check My Sig.... I drive that beast on the street all the time and love it.... very few problems. You could go either way... the 347 will bolt right in to your Stang, were as the 351/408 will require some simple swap mod's and pieces, which is something to consider as well. I agree with what V8SHME8 has to say as well... he makes a good point, but I'd say go the stroker route man... a proparly built stroker will last you a long time and these day's it's not as expensive as most people think it is to build yourself a nice street stroker. And it's not like you have to build a radical stroker or anything, you could build a mild 450HP 408 and she would just pur around on the street's. A 450HP 347 would require a little more mod's because of the cube's so it woudn't be AS street friendly as the 408. Nothing wrong with a 347 but go 408 man....Go 408.
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351 will later you longer. Plus you might get a little bit more power. I know that the stoke has something to do with this. The 347 has alot more than the 351 which puts more wear on the engine.
don't know if this will help or not but i just the other day read something that said the reason some stroker 302's burn oil is the wrist pin on the piston partially intersects a section of the oil ring land.......and that some stroker kits do not use this method therefor don't have any oil burning issues.....just thought i'd throw that in...
If you leave the 351 at it's stock displacement it still has an advantage in rod ratio because the higher deck hieght, so you can revv a 351 higher and faster than a 347 and still have a longer stroke to make more power.
stroked windsor will make more power, the parts everyone always say you need to buy different are the same parts you'd buy on a new 302 stroker. If you're talking daily driver though and are concerned with fuel mileage or anything like that, go with a 331/347.