350 Sbc Swap - Frankenstein!!!


New Member
Dec 5, 2013
Friendswood, Texas
Hey guys so I recently picked up a 91 fox LX 2.3l N/A. Been checking out swaps and I just don't like the traditional 5.0l or 2.3 Snail swaps and was thinking more 350 sbc carbed. Looking for experience w/ carbed motors and a fun swap. If anyone has done this do you have any tips or pointers (ie motor mount fabrication, wiring, etc.). I was thinking a 80's truck and just transfer everything over. I've heard of taking the vortec EFI 5.4's an carbing them, but that seems like a bigger money pit than just a swap. I have done direct replacement swaps just nothing custom, any tips for a newbie?
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Why does it seem like we get one of these every few months? And why do people ask here?

You need to find someplace where people actually do this sort of swap, obviously our forum is called "2.3L Mustangs," not "Chevy swapped Mustangs."

Plus the parts-store 350 out of that truck is probably a turd anyway.