351w and 5.0 t5 questions


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Feb 3, 2007
Howdy all

I have a 1927 Model T coupe with the top cut off. Well its a T bucket to say the least. I thought I would ask you guys sense your the pro's and this is my first ford build. Questions are these:

1. Will a 5.0 flywheel/bellhousing and T5 tranny bolt up to a 351w?

2. were all years of the 5.0 stangs and trannys the same?

3. I have heard the tranny is only good for 300ftlbs of torq. ? (I find this hard to beleave).

4. My T bucket is so light I think I would have a very hard time breaking this tranny thoughts???

5. Does the clutch have slave cylinder on the tranny?

6. what would one need for a the clutch pedal assembly to make it work?

Thanks in advance I really need to know becuase Im on a time frame to get the car done for "viva las vegas" in April 07.
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Nov 29, 1999
1. The 5.0 and 351 share the same bolt pattern for the bellhousing, so it should bolt up no problem.

2 & 3. I believe it was either 89 or 90 that they upped the rating of the trans to somewhere in the neighborhood of 300ft lbs. The T5 really is the weak link in the drivetrain, so if you're looking at making a decent amount of power, you may want to look into one of the transmissions from g-force or astro performance if you plan on keeping a T5.

4. You may be right about it being light and reducing the risk of breaking the trans, but the possibility does still exist.

5. The 79-04 Mustangs didn't use a hydraulic clutch, so I'm not aware of any kits to adapt one to your application.

6. If you can find a complete pedal assembly (ebay or classifieds on here or corral), you could probably fabricate something easier than trying to piece together something similar.