351W EFI question

I have been invesigating EFI conversion for a 351W on here and out on the net. I have seen quiet a few kits mentioned and talked about but one i am interested in i havent seen mentioned and couldnt find anything in the forums when i searched it. So i am just gonna throw it out there and ask has anyone used or known someone who used Mass Flo EFI kits? They seem pretty comprehensive and complete as well as stand alone. I am just curious is it all that it seems? If you know more about the EFI conversion subject but don't know anything about the kit here is a link to the product describtion on their site:


And if you know of a better MPFI kit than this or cheaper let me know and i will look into it!
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ok i see i made a DA move and forgot the link! haha here it is!


also i am planning eventually to go forced induction so the EFI system would preferably need to be flexible enough to take that on with out much trouble...

If I recall correctly, the Mass Flo efi system is very similar to the EEC-IV EFI in the 89-93 fox mustangs. Since it uses a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor it responds well to engine modifications and is pretty easy to install. Looks close to stock too, but since it uses port injection you have fuel rails that give the EFI away. Other systems like FAST use throttle body injection that looks very close to stock.

If you are going forced induction and want to get really hands on, you can go with MegaSquirt. You have alot of control over the tune as long as you have wideband A/F sensors installed. Not for the faint of heart!!