351w hp?


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Mar 8, 2000
Palm Coast FL
hey im just wondering what my motor is making hp wise my combo is:

351W .030 over
TRW Forged Pistons l2446-f30
Roughly near 10.1 Compression
Windsor Jr Heads 58cc Fully ported and polished The ports were opened up to match the intake and headers, and the ports and bowls are polished
Comp cams pro magnum 1.6 stud mount roller rockers
1.94 1.60 valves
Stock crank and rods
ARP rod bolts
ARP main bolts
ARP head studs
High volume oil pump
Clevite 77 race bearings
Crane powermax 272 hydraulic cam 272 dur 284 dur 218 226 at .050 484/512 lift (non roller)
Holley 750 dp with milled choke horn and4 corner idle with a 1 inch open spacer
Performer rpm intake
Sfi damper
Balanced and blue printed bottom end
BBK 1 3/4 long tubes into 2 1/2 off road h with 2 1/2 flows wiht tailpipes.
MSD everything .. coil ,6al, dizzy and timing control box. still running a stock T5 for now. no power steering or ac or smog
any rough estimates? ive seen lots of posts lately on 351s making good power wiht mild setups like min eim just curious since i dont have access to a dyno what its making roughly. im debating down the road on a bigger cam and swap to a victor jr but im not sure yet. thanks
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your setup is a little wilder than mines, and I should be over 425, and if I go .040 and 11.1 compression, and go all out roller, I should be at 512hp, or if I stroke it out over 600hp, when you had your motor built did they give you a dyno sheet,
no its was built by a friend of mine a few years back. im hoping even though its a mild setup to be near 350 but id like to see more. probally down the road im looking at a vicot rjr wiht either the comp magnum 280 230 & .050 .512 or the 292 244& .050 .518 both non roller then im sure id see more out of the set up im just wondering roughly what everyone thinks i have. what size came do you have since we have a very similar setup