351w turbo exhaust routing question


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Aug 7, 2000
Regina, SK.
Does anyone have any pics of how they routed their single turbo exhaust? I have a 351w in place now and was just going to flip my shorty mac headers forward and run the piping up to my HD2 turbo I raped from a dodge diesel... My question is how do I run a single 3 1/2" or 4" pipe back past the engine?
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I found this...


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Oh yeah junk yard all the way!!! The Holset HD2 turbo can support 750+ HP and cost me a whopping 100 bucks. Will cost 300 for a carb container and 200 for mandrel exhaust bends. I have EFI now but am ditching for a much simpler carb setup. With EFI there is no way around spending a few thousand on cpu upgrades and tuning and 3 bar map sensors or blow through mafs blah blah blah.
I had planned on using the mac headers the same way for a twin turbo setup on my 408w. I placed the header on the motor and took some pics a few weeks ago just to see how it looked. Enjoy.
Sorry guys I can't get anything to work now. I will try to upload better pics when I get home.
What is the best file ext. to save pics as when trying to upload here?
I have seen pics that take up the entire post, how do they do that?

My apologies for the delays.
I found some other pics of another idea that I had for a twin turbo setup. I only took pics of the passenger side because I didn't want to disassemble the intake pipes. The turbo is a Garrett T4. The pics are with the 351w in the car. The pics show that with some careful placement a twin turbo setup could cleat the stock hood. Hope it can give you some ideas.