3g alt parts help


Yeah, it was pretty stiff, but eventually a buddy
Jul 13, 2005
Granger, IA
So I ordered my 3g alternator from someone on here, one that does not post or anything, and I haven't had time to fix it up for install. So when I got it from this guy in Canada, the box was in pieces and it was all taped together really crappily, the thing would sound like it was hitting when you spun it, and on top of that the guy said the threads were stripped where the pulley attaches, where in all actuality the guy actually cut the shaft to make it shorter, so it won't even bolt a pulley on. Well after trying to contact and everything, got nothing, and post office said since it was international there was no proof that the U.S.P.S. was at fault, but anyways, to the point:

Is there some parts that I can get to rebuild it or send it to, or is it something I can do myself? Any input would be great!
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Look for a local rebuilder for alternators and ask them what they can do for you. Although, it would probably be about the same price to just buy another one from the local parts store.
I have a 95 amp unit you can have for $40.00,shipped.It doesn't need anything,or you can use it for parts.I always keep an extra for long trips in the middle of nowhere.