4.6 2v cam help


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Jul 22, 2019
Hey guys, new to the forum and need a little advice on what cams would be best for my setup.. I will list what was done to the car and the what is currently being done now.

Stock bottom end, vortech v2, 38cc tfs heads, 90mm lightning maf, 75mm TB, exedy lightweight flywheel, exedy stage 2 clutch - car made 409rwhp at 6800 on 3.9lbs boost (we purposely kept the under drive crank pulley on to keep the boost low because of the bottom end.)

New mods being added as we speak, scat1000 5.0 stroker kit, vic jr edelbrock intake + custom elbow, mmr fuel rails, return style fuel system, treadstone intercooler, methanol injection, 15% over drive crank pulley, 3.1" SC pulley, all new components for the heads (rockers, lifters, beehive spring kit) there's tons of other little stuff that doesn't need mentioned for cam advice, and I'm sure I'm forgetting at least 1 thing that I should add..

Based on most setups I've seen or heard about, my engine builder and I believe that 650rwhp is easily attainable and we probably should actually be close to the max 750 or so that the vortech can support. I've heard a lot of great things about the Cushman custom grind cams, but if someone more knowledgeable - using that knowledge and seeing my setup, could give me their opinion, it would be greatly appreciated.... thanks

And yes, I have started on suspension upgrades, UPR 150lb coillvers, 90/10 Lakewood struts, upper and lower rear control arms etc... trans will be next as the 3650 couldn't even hold up to the 400hp ( car currently has a t45 from a 98 cobra) and when the car is track ready I will work on the rear end :)
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