Drivetrain 4R70W clutch friction/metals/piston set up questions for transmission guru

Greetings gents!

I am engaged on a new venture in an attempt to make my fox more livable. I am probably one of the few mofos in the history of the planet to be engaged in the unholy task of converting 5 spd to auto. BOO HISS yeah I know. Problems is the engine hits a bit too hard for the tire size. Where I live there is no forgiveness read mountains and no guard rails. The cam size didn't kill enough bottom end to combat the cubic inches and I'm literally trying this to get a little more drivability out of this turkey.

I have some questions regarding the 4r70w build. Trans is being built to handle 700-800 whp/tq Car currently sits at over 500 before power adder. Dart 427 AFR 220 big roller cam longtubes yada yada. My trans is an 02 from a mustang 3.8. I researched hard and bought an absolute great base. Darrin @bca is building my valve body. If I could get a hold of the fine gentleman I would ask these questions to him directly, but that man is busier than Satan himself. I bought a clutch pack set of raybestsos stage 1/gpz frictions. Im trying to find an in stock set of kolenes from raybestos. I can get my hand on some from alto. I can easily work the numbers to make the direct 6 frictions, but I want 8 direct. I also want 6 forward and 4 reverse. Intermediate I'm leaving as is. Im using the sonnax forward and direct high capacity drums. The one comes with the intermediate/sun shaft modified and is stronger. I will be also spring for a 300m input shaft. Converter will be a circle d ~3200-3500. The VB is auto non trans brake. Am I on point with this build power wise for components ro meet my goal? Should I drop the wave plate to fit more frictions and use the updated retaining spring? I know people machine the piston down as opposed to steels for reliability. I have also heard people machine the frictions down, but that excites me much less. Do I need to do extra clutches to hold the power of this combination. It will NEVER be launched on slicks. The body is mini-tubbed, torque boxes are fully built, full sub frames, plated and body welded in key spots. (I have built a 10.2@134 fox which was in 2002) What would you recommend me to build on this? I have a habit of going overboard and honestly I wasnt aware of the 6r80 conversions or I would have went there, but tbh it would have been overkill and opened a whole other can of worm problems.

Once I get everything sorted a Vortech or possibly and this is much less likely a kenne bell. I absolutely love the sound and power delivery of roots style, unfortunately the options are slim for this application. Turbo is out after I spent that amount of money on longtube headers to clear the auto.

Thanks for any advice fine sirs!
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