4.6 vs 5.0


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Aug 3, 2000
Rush, NY
I got my 5.0 convertible out of storage last night. It had been put away since the begining of October last year. Having not driven it for so long and having been driving my 98 GT, it was quite an eye opening experience of the differences in the power carectoristics of the two engines.

My 4.6 GT is good runner. Stone stock, but pulls hard and handles great. Has great brakes too.

But my 5.0 GT has so much more low end power. I had forgot how hard the 5.0 pulls down low. And my 5.0 has a B303 cam so it pulls right to redline too. What a difference between the two engines.

I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite between the two.
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NewStangNewbee said:
I would say the 5.0 because without a headswap or any mods to the 98 it is a dog.
Very true. Since the after market for the Modulars is growing, we are really starting to show signs of how much power these little 281's can make.
well guys, i happen to have both types of cars, a fox and a 99 both 5 spd, both no motor work, both only exhaust. Hands down the 99 will kick the 91s ass all over the street, from a stop, from a roll, whenever, it will own the 91 every time. Now, after my planned mods for the 91 it will be a truly different ballgame. the 99 will remain as is since it is my daily driver. hell, I love the fox just because they were part of my intro to mustangs back in high school in 1991 and they will always have a place in my garage BUT speaking honestly, I am truly happy with the performance difference of the small cubed 99. my .02
my old 87 lx hatch , factory ordered NON AC , 3.08 , 5 spd car , ran 9.07 @80mph bone stock , paper air filter , stock hood , stock everything but flows , spinning some 225 dunlop tires , show me a 99+ newer GT right off the show room floor that can lay down that kind of time with those tires , plus the car had 140K miles on it , did a few mods but never took it to the track again , car now has pullies , fiberglass hood , BBK off road Hpipe , and 245 wide tires on pony 16 inch wheels in place of the 10 holes that were on it , 175K miles and the girl that ended up with it was at the track a month ago and pulled a 9.25 at 80mph ..... pretty hard to beat for pretty much stock car , oh and she is still running a stock paper air filter in it but silencer is now removed ......
I have always wondered what the 5.0s would have been like with just a few ammenities the new GTs enjoy today. Gears from the factory back then were 2.73s and if you were lucky, 3.08s. Today 3.27s are standard and this year 3.55s will become the norm. Unfortunately for the 5.0, they never received real performance heads until the GT-40s finally came along in '93, and even then, they were still iron and never made it to the base GT. Computer programming was mediocre at best, exhaust restrictive....but that is the way Ford saw fit to equip them. It's no secret owners started tweaking right away, beginning with the free mods, and they became much better performers and their potential really bacame apparent.

To each his own, what matters is the Mustang lives on and that is a good thing. The 4.6 is a great engine and it's no pushover, it has served the Ford name proudly. The 5.0 too is a great engine and one I believe will never lose popularity...it will always be Ford bloodline, and a Legend of its Day. :flag:
CHarris said:
......The 5.0 too is a great engine and one I believe will never lose popularity...it will always be Ford bloodline, and a Legend of its Day. :flag:

Very true. There are still those among us that fly the flathead Ford flag proudly. I love flathead Fords. I have one and it will be hot rodded someday. They stopped producing flatheads in 1953 for public use, over 50 years ago. The 302 is more popular and will be around forever.

Long live Ford performance in all aspects! :nice: