4 cylinder to 5.0 litre


Nov 27, 2005
So i was searching looking for some information on swapping my 2.3 to a 5.0. Some people keep telling me i need to upgrade the front suspension or something like that. I know ppl out there have done the swap any info on what all needs to be done?
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i would go to a junkyard and pull all the parts you can that pertain to the 5.0L. I'm sure i am missing some things but here's a basic list: tranny corss member, bellhousing(a T5 from a 5.0 is stronger, you at least need the right bellhousing and special size pilot bearing), pilot bearing, motor mounts, exhaust, driveshaft(maybe), etc...it really depends if you want a carbed or EFI 5.0, many people have done the swap, if you're new to mustangs you will want to get to know the parts of the car as much as you can before attempting this, good luck

ok well i did this swap, with the 4cyl front stuff the brakes dont stop that well they get hot fast i would highley recomend the v8 front swyabar and brakes, i would allso change the struts atleast if you are going to be drag racing the car the 4cy springs aint that bad but the ride does get bouncey as for the rears i would get v8 springs and better shocks. i didnt do this untill recently the cra bouced alot and had hooriable brakes even though they were brand new front and rears
well to some people it would be better to just by a v8 car and fix it up but somtime by the time you get done doing that you could have come out cheaper with just converting it all to v8 brakes and suspenion and not end up wih more scrap parts now b.c you just replaced anything now i dont know about this car but i know i just did a swap like this for a friend b.c he allready had a 4cy coup that was in perfect shape and he knew what he had and therfor there was no questions of if it was hit or anthing like that