4 Different Problems Related?


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Jan 14, 2014
I have a 2001 Ford Mustang Gt and I'm having 5 issues with it. Not sure if they are related or not. Kind of lost and not sure what I should spend money on fixing first.
1) The car takes a few times to start, sometimes it will start and die immediately but the lights on the dash stay lit up.
2) Car sputters at low rpms when I give it gas, drives fine otherwise.
3) I smell gas while I'm driving
4) Had alternator checked and has a bad diode but the lights don't seem to dim and battery is good
5) check engine light is on and had it scanned and the codes came back as the following.. P0113 air intake temperature circuit high input, P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor "A" Circuit (bank 1 or single sensor), P0130 O2 Sensor Heat Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor), Code P1639 Vehicle ID Block Not Programmed Or Corrupt (Ford)

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Usually the Camshaft position sensor code indicates a bad alternator. The fact that you have a known bad diode sending electricity everywhere it doesn't need to be doesn't help your starting condition either. I would immediately be buying a alternator, make sure to save the recipt (photocopy it too!) in case it is a bad reman. Or take your OEM one to get repaired locally.
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Alternator needs to be tested before buyout another. Try tuning the car up, Maf cleaning,checking or replacing air and or fuel filters. Spark plugs Process of elimination and you can document those things have been done. I had a cam sensor go bad without the alternator being the issue.
Never drive a car for extended periods of time with a cam related DTC! Why? Because with a faulty cam signal, the PCM can not tell the compression stoke from the the exhaust stroke. The PCM responds by firing the fuel injectors on EVERY STROKE. This results in twice as much fuel being used (fuel smell!). The extra fuel will dilute the oil and gas wash the oil from the cylinder walls. This could lead to engine failure!

+1 to the other suggestions. Start 1st with the alternator problem. Don't be so naive as to assume the alternator is OK just because the lights don't dim.

Bottom line. Today's cars simply will not run right without a strong battery and charging system.

Check all fuses.

Have you recently installed a CAI? If so, double check your work at that may be the source of the IAT related code.
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