4 valve Cleveland heads not 4 barrel

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D.Hearne said:
With forked rocker arms. Not a hard thing to do. The valve springs are also have less spring pressure each.

Ok, I can see how a 4 valve head wouldnt be practical back then, but If the design was that simple, how bad would it hurt them financialy? Looking at a wide range of import 4 cylinders, many have a 4 valve head. My friends 2001 daewoo lanos, that he got for 3 grand, has a 4 valve head...lol

When you're talking about cost per unit, and the unit's being numbered in hundreds of thousands, you can see why they didn't. Wasn't til the last 10-15 years that Ford came out with limited production DOHC heads and this was probably caused by competition from other manufacturers.
4 valve heads main benefits are more balanced flow, and lighter valvetrain components for higher redlines. Neither benefit outweighed the cost in the old days, and arguably, isn't necessary now. Works for motorcycles and race cars, but for commuter transportation, not so much.
I'm just curious as to why someone would develop them for the Cleveland, which as has been pointed out flowed well anyway, instead of the Windsor. Seems like the W heads would have a much larger market these days, especially if they remained compatible with the 302. Man the short stroke engines would be absolute screamers with those heads, if you built the bottom end to handle 10,000 RPM.