460 heads question ... Tow rig


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Aug 28, 2002
I know this is not a 5.0 but i figured i'd ask. My tow rig is a "late 80's" f350 with a carb'd 460. i say late 80's cause i dont know hwat year the chassis or motor is from, i assume the late 80's. the body is a 1990. anyway, i have 2 major questions reguarding this truck. It has enough power to get out of its own way, but i have yet to tow anything real heavy with it (aka my car). The 2 reasons its a little low on power as far as i can figure is that a. the motor is very low compression cause its an 80's 460 (i can run 87 with the timing up there and no pings at all). Also it has a 3 speed tranny with creeperr first (t18). The gears as so wide that it seems to have no power. My two questions are this

1. I thought of swapping in a 5 speed ZF tranny, but the swap is expensive and many parts are required. Also thought of swapping in an E4OD, but i would need a processor to control it which my truck doesnt have. SO... my final option was a C6. i know its only 3 speed but would it be better fopr towing and milage than the grany box i have?

2. Can my current 460 heads be milled down along with the intake to increase compression to say 10:1 for much better milage and power. i would add a truck cam and aluminum intake at the same time. It already has a edelbrock carb (650 or 750 not sure). I am a ford tech and i know how do do all these things but i'd like to get as much info about stuff before i start ripping it apart. Thanks and sorry for the leangth.
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