4th Gear Lock Out?


New Member
Apr 27, 2004
Charlotte, NC
I was getting onto an onramp yesterday going WOT in 3rd gear at redline and got ready to shift into 4th but when I tried to shift it felt like the car was hesitant to go into gear :shrug:

I thought it was strange and repeated the procedure and got the same results but this morning everything seemed to be fine again. During normal driving the car goes into gear just fine but those 2 times at WOT it just didn't want to go...

What could've caused this problem???

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My guess would be if you tried to slow shift (versus slamming it in to gear) there was too much torque or something going on.. I don't know the technical term for it.

I'm talking about the scenario in which you drive slowly to the redline in first, then when you hit the clutch, it'll basically pop out of 1st, and be tough to get in to 2nd.