5.0 block compatibility


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Jun 6, 2021
San Diego
I have a '91 GT with HO 5.0. I also have two other cars that have 5.0s: A ' 91 T-Bird with HO 5.0, and a '96 Explorer.
I want to do some sort wild swap with the T-Bird (like maybe a blown Coyote) so this would leave me with an extra 5.0.
I also am looking at a rebuild of the 5.0 in my explorer as it has over 250K on it.
I also really like the distributor-less ignition on the Explorer and I am considering trying to swap it onto the Mustang.
These projects would be helped alot if the three engine blocks were interchangeable. For example, can I rebuild the T-Bird engine, put it in the explorer and then use the explorer engine for my next mustang project.
Specifically, Are all three of these blocks compatible with the distributor-less setup of the Explorer?
Or do the mustang and T-Bird engine blocks require modifications to fit the crank sensor and distributor plug?
Is there any reason that I could not use any of the three blocks in either the mustang or the Explorer?
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Feb 18, 2001
All three engines likely use the same F1SE block. The difference might be in the pistons but if you are doing a rebuild this won't matter.

87-90 Mustangs and trucks used the E7TE block

1991-1995 Mustangs, and 91-93 T-birds/cougars and 96+ explorers all use the F1SE block. Really they are identical to the E7TE block other than the provision for a knock sensor.

Long story short though, you could strip a 2000 explorer down to a bare block, and use ir to rebuild a 1985 Mustang. Essentially the same thing.

If you look on the side of the block at the rear, you'll find the part number.