5.0 Clutch HEADS UP


15 Year Member
Jan 15, 2003
Greencastle Pa
Hey all. Just wanted to share my story. I purchased a pig in a poke if you will this past weekend. Its a nicely modded 88GT. I only saw pics and had it shipped in. WOW. I know I know..kick me in the head. Anyhow, the clutch pedal was hard to push...the thing raked into gears, hard to get reverse. Upon my first drive the thing is crazy fast but blows the clutch off in third and fourth gears. Im thinking that Im pulling the transmission this week to do a clutch and am looking at cables and quadrants etc.
Well, after the shock wore off I tore into the diagnostic thing and noticed the clutch pedal was terribly close to the brake pedal and was loose. Hmm..long story short I found the nut was loose at the clutch pedal pivot. I tightened it. Then bent the pedal a bit back to the original position. Turns out I have a TON of clutch pedal travel now and its much easier to push. With this done I investigated further to find it already has an aftermarket aluminum quadrant and an adjustable cable. The pedal springs back to the full top of its travel to the point that it hits the UP stop. Hmmm..turns out it needed adjusted and the pressure plate was pushing the pedal back to the top of its travel and the pedal had no free travel. So in essence the clutch was always part way depressed. Adjusted it at the transmission and now it blows the tires off instead of the clutch.:nice: With all its performance goodies Im starting to like my purchase now :)
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