5.0 Into Miata Conversion

Hi all, new guy here.
I'm in the buying parts phase of a 5.0 into a 1990 Miata conversion. The guide I'm using calls for a fox body efi HO 5.0l from a Mustang with wiring instructions relating to the A9L. I have a line on a nice HO from a '95. No wiring, no harness no front drive. Is an A9L and harnesses plug n play compatible with this year motor?

Also, I plan to delete smog pump, and no PS or AC. Is there a standard solution to accomplish this?

Many thanks in advance,
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thats very cool I have a shop here that does tons of those swaps along with ls motors I the miata as well. lucky for you your nit the first to do this swap so the parts like headers and such are already out in the interwebs.
also deleting any accessories like the ps smog pump and ac all you really need to delete those is a smaller belt.
Yes, an HO from a 95 will work with an A9L. There is only two small challenges. The Inlet Air Temperature Sensor is in a different location on the 94', and the Ignition Control Module is in a different location. The Ignition module is easy, just use a distributor from a 93' and older. Are you going to do a stock 5.0, or are you doing any modifications to it?

Cool. Thanks for the welcome.
Planning on a relatively mild reliable build. Would like to shoot for around 300whp.
What is the solution for the inlet air temp sensor? Is that part of the MAF?
Sorry, new to Fords.
If you are looking for 300rwhp, you are going to need an after market intake anyway. All the aftermarket intakes have a bung in the lower to put the IAT in the Fox location, so it's a non issue.

Apparently from a Mustang. What would be some good cheap scrapyard pieces to pickup? I heard the GT40 (not p) heads would be an OK power adder as well as the GT40 intake? Are there any decent and inexpensive aluminum heads available? It'd be great to shed a few pounds while I'm at it.

So that's great I can use the A9L and harnesses. Are there internal differences in these motors that would make it less desirable to use than a '93?
Thanks for the info.
I'll be on the hunt for anything if this deal falls through so I'll keep that in mind. This is sounding pretty good though and it's fairly local to me.

So excuse all the questions-I have a lot to learn about the 5.0 snd have been reading lots. The plan for now is to get this engine and do a mild freshening up to get on the road. I may eventually grab a second block next year and gradually build up a more potent mill. That being the case, I don't mind buying a few pieces now that I could switch over to the next motor. Such as the GT 40 heads. Looking for suggestions here.

One thing I need to keep in mind is hood clearance. The guide calls for milling .25 off the top of the lower intake for clearance. That's in addition to cutting some the hood bracing around the intake. That's in reference to the fox 5.0 HO. Will that be the same intake on this 95? Is there a good intake that is even lower? Any suggestions welcome. Still just gathering parts at this stage.
Thank. Brad
You are spot on with the flow. It's kind of hard to explain. All the Cobra intakes, the GT40 and the Ford Explorer intake flow about the same. It started with the Cobra intake in 93' in the 93' Cobra. The GT40 and the Explorer intake are based on this intake. In 1994 Ford had to modify the intake to fit under the hood of the new Mustang design. It sits about 2" lower. than the previous 93' Cobra intake. They do not offer an aftermarket design of this intake; you have to buy a used original. Since they are few and far between, you end up paying a little more for them. I found one on ebay very quickly to show you as an example.


You need to run a 94'-95' throttle body with this intake, but it will give you about another 2" of hood clearance compared to any other factory manifold.