5.0 oil pressure problem


New Member
Jul 6, 2004
i have an 1988 mustang with a oil pressure problem... my pressure flutuates from time to time.. going from very low to about the M on the normal gage... its beginning to worry me becuase the pressure has gone below the L on a number of occasions and performace problems (such as fluctating idle on start up) have started to arise. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about how to start solving this problems

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i want to know this too, changing my oil filter helps but only for a short time and doesnt make the oil pressure go any higher than the N on the stock gauge. at about 1500 rpm the pressure drops almost to the red and i mean ALMOST in red, while sometimes it goes into the red. Yet it fluctuates from time to time but only little bit. It always jumps a little when i down shift and gets better pressure when i run the car at higher rpms too. At wot the car has pretty good oil pressure.
get real gauges. the stockers suck. what you guys see is not unusual. a new sender may kinda help, but i personally think the first mod should be a real oil pressure and temp gauge on a fox. try it. good luck to all.
What Hissin said is right. The stock gauges are very poor. They fail after a while and become inaccurate. Also, with my old motor, I would only get good oil pressure with a Plain Old Pureoilater filter. Not the Pure Oil, but the basic one. It would make the difference of 20 psi at idle.

I just got an autometer oil pressure gauge and love it. it tells me exactly what's happening with my oil pressure, which I very much enjoy, I like to know what's going on with my engine, considering all the money I've put into it.