5.0 swap questions. (yea yea i know)

Alright so I have the rearend out of the 5.0 parts car and my 4cyl. What exactly do I need for the brake lines. I know the brake line on the 5.0 ends right above the pumpkin, and on the 2.3 it ends somewhere in the middle of the right axle housing. Do I just need to swap out that portion of the brake line or is the 5.0 line bigger(I didnt look to see if it was.), and I need to swap out the front to rear line? Also with the front suspension I only need to swap out the spindles and the rotors and calipers? Either way How hard is it to swap in new shocks? Might have a few more questions. Thanks guys.
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You'll be alright with all the suspension components that are already there. If you want to upgrade your suspension go for it, but wait until you get your 5.0 swap sorted out. I don't know about the whole brake line thing but what I don't know is where you got your 5.0 does it use speed density? What exhaust? You need 2nd exhaust hanger and support for the midpipe. There isn't too much to do. Take it step by step. Good luck.