5.0/t5 swap


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May 24, 2005
hey guys whats up ? I recently did a swap in my 88 notch, was a 4 banger with an auto. had an 86 hatch but wanted the notch , so took the drivetrain out and put it in my notch, 5.0 with a t5 and put the 8.8 rear in.. only thing i noticed the tranny is up a little higher then usual its hitting the floor hump. its about maybe 3 inches higher then my last car... is there anything different with the 4 banger K member and the v8? maybe thats making the motor sit higher. because i also used a 5.0 tranny crossmember.. so i dont know, if anyone could help me out thatd be great. thanks alot
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If the '86 was a 4-banger, then the K-members are the same. Only the I-6 got a different K-member i beleive.

Are you running brand new engine mounts? Did you install the crossmember upside down? Kinda tough to diagnose without being able to see it. Can you take pics? Perhaps someone will spot something wrong from the pics.
I think the 4 banger cars had 'stacked motor mounts' (for lack of a better term). I remember reading that the 5.0/2.3 k-members are the same, but you have to remove some extra "mounts" or "plates" on the k-member itself to put a 5.0 in a 4-cyl car.