5 Lug Conversion - Rear softline to hard lines adapter


Dec 10, 2006
So I'm just finishing collecting the parts up for my 5 lug conversion and I am having trouble tracking down this part.

I wasn't sure where to get the adapter/what sized adapter is required for the rear softline to hardlines. If anyone knows where I can get it, that would be greatly appreciated.

Is this something I can get from Summit as I'll be ordering the FMS 2450 plug from them as well.

Thanks for your help!
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You can get those at parts stores. No need to order them online and pay shipping.

at NAPA they are Weatherhead 7818

At Autozone or Pep Boys, they are sold in the aisle where the stock the bolts and brake hardware in those clear flip cases. They are in the yellow cases. 3/8" inverted flare female to 7/16 inverted flare male. I think 2 come in a box for $3.

I have like 10 of those stupid fittings kicking around somewhere.