5-Lug conversions: Which brakes & wheels did you use?


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Jan 15, 2001
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5.0 gang:

Need your help again to check my facts. I'm finishing a story for the Mustang Mag. on converting 4 Lug to 5 Lug.

Axles are a cinch, have the pics and steps to do. Besides using the Lincoln front rotors and Ranger/Areostar rear axles, which brakes did you end up by using(all parts - Drum brake assy., rotors, calipers, brackets, etc.)? What changes did you make to the master cylinder and prop. valve? Which wheels did you use? I am contributing a conversion I used on my Cobra to use the SN-95 Non-Cobra rear disc brakes. I'd like as varied input as possible, and am looking for pics for the magazine.

Many thanks in advance :nice:
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'94 SN95 Spindles, Cobra calipers and 13" rotors, MM SS brakelines for cobra calipers. Wilwood adjustable prop valve, SVO MC, Ranger Axles (2 drivers sides), Cadillac rear calipers, Custom brackets (via SteelTech Solutions Inc.), Mark VII rear rotors. '98 Cobra wheels.

What magazine is this for anyways?
'94 SN95 spindles, new Timken hubs, Russel stainless steel braided brake lines for 94-95, Matt Bobitt custom SN95-fox 3 brake line adapter, Summit adjustable proportioning valve, SN95 GT brake calipers front + rear, SN95 GT drilled/slotted rotors front+rear (via RotorWorks on Ebay), SN95 '95 rear axles, SN95 master cylinder. Wheels- ROH International 17x8 Snypers (white) wrapped in 245.45.17 Sumitomo rubber.
yea which magazine is this goin in? ive seen an article on how to do a 4 to 5lug conversion one of those step by step things in a mustang magazine a while ago
This will be in Hemmings Mustang market & tech guide, of which I am staff. We have been heavy on the classics, and are trying to do more for the Fox Mustangs. My area of the magazine is feature cars, Behind the wheel articles, and Driveway Tech, meaning updates and work the average enthusiast can do in thier own driveway with regular tools. This is the first of more we plan on doing for the Fox 'Stangs.

So, any further details on your cars is happily welcome.

Many thanks!

Drums and axle kit here, there's no need to buy used because IMO this price is already dirt cheap for brand new parts. http://store.summitracing.com/partdetail.asp?part=FMS-M1126A I've actually seen it somewhere for $179 but i can't find it now.

As far as wheels go, you can use pretty much anything that fits a 94+ mustang. Pics of wheels in my sig.

I am currently switching my 5 lug rear drums over to discs using http://www.northracecars.com/ brackets and 94+ cobra rear disc parts.