5 lug questions.....


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Jan 25, 2006
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Do you have to change the front spindles when doing the 5 lug conversion?
I am going to put the 5 lug drum conversion in the rear first, then upgrade to disc later on, will I be able to use the same axles? Does anyone sell just the rear end kit? I found one at summit but it is 4 lug. Could I just buy that and some 5 lug rotors? What master cylinder do you fellas recommend? I know about the 2 thousand dollar kit that does everything, but after you add the price of wheels and tires its too pricey for me to get all at once. So I want to get the front kit from summit: http://store.summitracing.com/default.asp?target=partdetail.asp&part=FMS-M-1102-C&FROM=MG and the rear kit with 5 lug drums: http://store.summitracing.com/default.asp?target=partdetail.asp&part=FMS-M-1126-A&FROM=MG so I can get some new wheels/tires and then upgrade the rear to this: http://store.summitracing.com/default.asp?target=partdetail.asp&part=SSB-A112-1&FROM=MG hopefully with 5 lug rotors. Then eventually I will upgrade the fronts to Willwood or Baer (will i have to get different spindles then?). What do you guys think? Remember this is an ongoing project, and I am trying to keep it on the road as much as possible....this is just a battle plan. Is their any OTHER ways to accomplish this?:shrug: :nice:
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Apr 21, 2002
I did my 5-lug conversion like last month or so, and I like it........:nice:
For the fronts you would need to change the spindle if you are gona run like obra r's, you can get the front brakes off of a 94-95 mustang...

For the rear, I used 87 ranger axles and drums (drivers side axles), same length as a fox, or you could just get a sn95 axles but it will stick out alittle, dunno how much:shrug:

I got all my parts from the junkyard and cost about $500 or so:shrug: :shrug:

when I did my conversion, i left the drum brakes and used my stock MC and it feels good better then stock......

here is some sites you can get info on the conversion.....


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Mar 13, 2002
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Like he said, use 94-95 front brakes. Don't use the 96 and newer spindles as the have a 4mm wider track on each side and you may end up with rubbing issues on the outside of the tire against the fender. If you use the rotors that just replace the 4 lug rotors (ie lincoln) you won't be able to use the center caps on any aftermarket wheel.

In the back use the ranger axles. North race cars sells brackets for $150 to do the conversion to disc brakes using the stock axles. They sell a whole kit for $750. If you use the Ford Motorsport conversion, I believe you have to find an odd offset for the wheels and that will prove more difficult.

Doing it this way, you'll probably have just over $1000 in the whole setup as you can get the whole front brake setup for no more than $250.

Hope that helps, Larry


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Jun 5, 2005
I used the ranger drums like 808gt said and they work perfect.For the front you can also use Lincoln mark VII Rotors to.Did my whole conversion for about 300 and some odd dollars


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Oct 28, 2005
You can use the Mark 7/SVO rotors and be cheaper. But you limit yourself to wheel choices. I know for sure that Cobra R's and Saleen reps will work with little modifications. if I did over again, I would switch spindles for sure.


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Feb 18, 2001
IWantAFox said:
I am going to put the 5 lug drum conversion in the rear first, then upgrade to disc later on, will I be able to use the same axles? Does anyone sell just the rear end kit?

Yes, you can convert to 5-lug drum now and then go to disk keeping the same axles later on.

Later on, you can ad disks using one of the North Race cars bracket kits.

OT but has anyone noticed how much the price has changed on the Ford Racing 5-lug drum kit? This kit used to be $190!!!! Now it's $360!!