65 mustang 85 town car MC swap which rod?


New Member
Jul 11, 2020
Los Angeles
Hi guys having a bit of a problem. I installed 4 wheel disc brakes in my 65 mustang.
Front - Granada
Rear - GM calipers
Proper 4 wheel disc proportioning valve.
no leaks
All plumbed properly
Properly bench bled master cylinder and bled brakes using vacuum pump.
So as for the master cylinder I used a 1985 lincoln town car master cylinder with a 1 inch bore.
i used the origiginal rod that came in my 65 mustang but I feel like the pedal is kinda soft and goes kinda low when I press it down hard. Has anyone ever used this master cylinder? Did you guys use rod that came with the master cylinder or the one that came originally with the mustang?
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