65 Mustang coupe, Wimbleton white history, resto started in Ark. 2000-2010

I am reaching out to the forum network mustang family as a last effort to trace the owner history of my 1965 Mustang coupe Prior 2014
Did you OR anyone you may know start the restoration in Arkansas of a 1965 Mustang coupe and sold it in 2014 not completed.
It was original motor and automatic transmission. Color was originally Whimbleton white, (now black/black).
The Arkansas title number you had was 21003009350 You sold it to a school teacher named Terry in Arkansas in May of 2014 as a partial restoration.
I know who it was sold to by you but he has no knowledge or paper trail of who you are.
The state of Arkansas will not release any info based on a title or VIN number so I am asking the mustang network in Arkansas to please think back and forward any information one may have as to the owner was.
1965 Mustang 289 2 barrel carb
Automatic Trans, original trans and motor.
your title number was 21003009350
VIN number is 5R07C207522
The car is completed after years of hard work and I would really appreciate touching bases with the one who started the project.
Any information or leads will be greatly appreciated, I will gladly pay a finders fee for reliable info.
Dana Wood
[email protected]
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