67 Mustang resto start


Aug 20, 2021
Well this day is FINALLY HERE. I’m now retired and ready to start a restoration on my Mustang. Little history. Purchased this car a few years ago. It’s a coupe. It has a 347 Stroker built by summit racing. Only has about 20 miles on it. Hurst 4 speed. 4/11 posi rear end. Did a few upgrades, stainless fuel tank,new alum radiator w/new fan blade and shroud. Couldn’t even idle without overheating. Much better now. All new wheels and tires. Will change later at completion. Spent last few years gathering parts OEM that I felt I needed. This car is gutted literally. Starting ground up. TO MY FIRST QUESTION- The floor pans are not rotted but look pieced in and I would like to put in a new one piece pan and “torque boxes”. I can source the welding out but I would like to do the cut out and fitting. I do however need some guidance or video that would describe in detail the process. Any help or suggestion would be very appreciated. I tried you tube and many other sources but none have really shown all the steps and CAUTIONS to look out for.
Thank You again for any help you can offer.
Dave (Cleveland Ohio area)
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I'll move this down the hall to the classic forums, not because you're ahhh, retired but because you're old ahhh I mean your old car, ahem, sorry I'm new here.
Oh, welcome to stangnet :nice:
And post some pics of the stang or they'll raise the subscription price.