65 trunk lock question


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Sep 3, 2007
New York State
How does this lock unit separate from the housing?
The pin (red arrow to) how does this pin come out/push in?
I thought it was spring loaded but doesn't seem so.
Just WD40-ed it since its 45 y/o. Have a locksmith down the road but want to finish this tonight, any help appreciated.
And here I climbed out from under the dash to do an easy job:mad:

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It took about 10 tries and two sets of hands along with some vice grips, small screw driver and it finally slid out, this was a tough one.

Now 3 hours later and plenty of modifications tried on my cars lock mechanisim the JUNK PART from MUSTANGS UNLIMITED snapped so the old part goes back on tomorrow. M/U's Part was 3/16ths to 1/4" off specs:notnice:

Any suggestions who may sell decent made parts?... CJ's? MustangHut?

Thanks for the help.
cjs by far. free shipping on everything for life. yes most of our parts are made in taiwan but you still can get some o.e. ford tooling parts too. depending on what you get. i installed a new trunk lock and bezel from cjs and fit great. everything on my car minus a few ebay items are from cjs. great customer service. pretty fast shipping.
Thanks, will go with CJ's and see how their quality is, sounds better than M/U's.
Old one went back in in 3 minutes, that's how it should work out.
Don't like bashing a co. publically but I sent back alot of M/U's parts lately and its taking the fun out of working on this car anymore.