66 Mustang Wont Start -


New Member
Mar 15, 2008
I just picked up the car, it has been in a garage and not moved or ran since 1990. That car has the inline 6 but I can't get any spark at all.

I have checked the coil - replaced the ignition switch - not sure what else to do. HELP!
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check the points and condenser, and the plug wires. also check to make sure you are getting voltage to the coil and through the coil. make sure the rotor is in place as well.
I vote for the points too. With the ign off, run a points file or a small piece of fine grade emory cloth between the point contact pads. Yu just want to clean the pads, and they don't have to be shiney, just need to conduct current.
Also, to check the coil for power as suggested, turn the ign on, and use a test light to probe the positive term of the coil. SHould get a light. If using a digital volt meter, you are looking for 12 volts with the key on. Try that and see where you go from there.