67 mustang engine swap.


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Mar 12, 2006
hello from germany.:)
i am new here and i have a little problem with my 67 mustang :(
my 289 engine have damaged cylinder block.
289 engines are in germany very very expensive.(1000 euro and higher when he is rebuildable):jaw:
i found a complete 302 engine from a 79 mustang with only 60000 mls.
but i see this 302 engine have a different oil pan,and the dipstick is in the oil pan,not in the timing cover?
can i use the serpentine belt kit from the 302 in my 67 mustang,it looks so good.
i hope you can help me.
sorry about my not perfect english.

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You can use the 289 accessory brackets, pullies, waterpump, oil pan, dipstick and pickup tube. You'll have to plug the dipstick hole in the block and use the 289 harmonic balancer, but that should be all. The serpentine setup wouldn't be made to work very easily.
The old timing cover should bolt right up too, there were water pump changes over the years too. I cannot say which pumps will work with which years and if the covers matter or not.

It seems that a full 1979 front dress wouldn't be THAT hard to use except for the power steering. What are the obstacles?
Edbert said:
It seems that a full 1979 front dress wouldn't be THAT hard to use except for the power steering. What are the obstacles?
Good Point, it's not...you just need to set the car up for opposite side water pump, provided you've got a 4-bolt balancer, which the poster has.

That, and the fox pumps are reverse rotation, you'd probably be better off with a passcar std. rotation serpentine setup? (I dunno if the reverse rotation would pose any problems, don't think so). All that said, we've got junkyards, and he lives in Germany...big difference in what you can do with used parts!:eek:
another problem you might run into is the rear main seal.. are you putting the internals from the 289 into the 302 block? Not sure what year, but they changed to a 1 piece crank seal, wont work with the 289 crank without some machine work.. not a big deal, but still something you have to do..
Hi Sebastian,

5.0ina66 is right. You can use the complete 289 stuff.
The balancer from the 79 fox is 28oz like your 67 one.
So you can swap this thing also. You can buy a new
style front cover with dipstick hole and fuel pump boss.
But the serpentine belt swap is... sagen wir es mal so,
ein wenig Bastelarbeit, aber machbar.

(from germany)
I see what you're saying...you can use the 79 cover if you drill the hole for the dipstick and the fuel pump (both are there and not drilled). That would be for the serpentine setup.

I was reffering to using all the original stuff and v-belts :eek: