69 Mach I


Sep 26, 2005
I was up at my buddys house last night and his dad rolled with with a new toy to add to his stable. He already has a 69 428 CJ Torino, and a 65 Mustang with a built 289 w/4 spd. And my buddy is rebuilding a 60 Chevy pickup that his grandma bought new. Well anyway, he came in with a 69 Mach I that someone ran out of money restoring. The story on the car was that it came out of Georgia and had been sitting under a pine tree since '75, when the owner died. Well his wife wouldnt sell it until recently apparently. My buddy's dad got it from a guy I think he said in OH. It looks like all the body rot has been replace, new doors, fenders...he also said that he has receipts that came with the car showing $20,000 in the engine alone, which is a 351w. The funny thing about the car, and now by no means am I an expert especially on Mach I's, but the car has a Marti report with it and it came factory with standard interior w/ headrests and a 3spd manual...I thought all Mach I's had the highbacks and either a 4spd or an auto, but apparently it was a special order?
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