70.5 inch serpentine belt

i read in mmff that a 70.5 inch serpentine belt could eliminate the power steering and alternaor can i eliminate the smog pum and alternator with this and does anyone have a part number i have a 90 gt stock did the underdrive pulleys cold air intake suspension 3.73 gears and nitto drag slicks any other suggestions for a stock mustang just got into racing and did a 14.8 totally stock thanks for any info j
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Elim the alternator?? How's your car gonna run then?

I beleive you meant smog and P/S

i'm with Mustang5L5.

that just doesn't make sense. especially with a 70.5" belt. and why would you want to eliminate the alt? i'm guessing smog bypass and a/c delete w/ PS relocation is what they meant? thats about the right belt size..... typo??