70 mm throttle body question


New Member
Feb 6, 2010
i have a question about a 70mm throttle body i just bought my engine is stock with all bolt on's headers, exhaust,under drive pulleys,electric fan,msd ignition coil,and a fender well cold air intake.So my question is what other mods would i have to do to install 70 mm tb or should Ive of went with a 65mm. So will it bolt to the stock manifold and will i get good performance.Or what should be done
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Well, if you have a stock manifold, there is no point for a 70mm TB...or even a 65mm

I'd say 65mm with a non-stock manifold and stock heads and 70mm if you have heads. If you have a really good H/C/I setup, then 75mm is what i'd do.

Hopefully you've upgraded the stock 55mm MAF as well at that point
If you do decide to use the 70 mm throttle body, I would suggest a matching EGR spacer to go along with it.


and yes, the 65mm would be a better size for what you have atm, but that doesnt meant you cant use the 70 for now, and if you do get around to doing heads and stuff, you wont have to buy it again.