86 & 89 Mustang Conversion


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Dec 9, 2013
Hi Everyone ! I love reading the posts in the forums about the intricacies of mustangs year to year.
I am a newbie and would like to preface my first post by saying that. Thank you all in advance for you wisdom on the query:

i have my old 89 mustang gt conv. with front right corner damage from accident. and i have my new 86 mustang GT conv.

The 89 needs to get running again - not sure fully what engine damage there is. If I can't fix her affordably, what parts can i put on the 86?

The 86 needs a new dash first, there is a bogus plastic cover over the red dash to make it appear black, but it needs to be removed cause it's breaking apart to dust. Weather stripping where the windows meet the door is hard and cracked or chipped. screws for this and that. Sun roof clips to close it to the lock position. Other cosmetic parts. Can i take this stuff from the 89 and will it all go on the 86?

I am so torn because i want the 89 back on the road, maybe fix and re-sell, but I'm almost sure I can't afford to fix her so i bought a new one with insurance money. Now, if I have to settle for salvage prices i want to know what I can snag to sleek up my 86 before i say goodbye to the "GTA stang." It was blue and silver, saleen kit, looked like a car from the GTA videogame.


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